Kenneth Alan Lewis Photography | FAQ

FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions):



Will the photographs I purchase have your logo on them?

Unlike the photographs shown on my website with my visible logo, your purchased photographs will not be printed with my logo.

Are your photographs available with your logo or signature?

In some cases I have been asked to include my logo or signature on a printed photograph. If this is something you desire, do not order the photograph directly from my website, rather, contact me directly via the "Contact" link on my homepage to set up a "custom" order at no additional charge.

Are your photographs available as a digital file instead of print?

Currently I offer the ability to purchase prints on my website. If you wish to purchase a digital file of an image, please contact me via the "Contact" link on my home page.

The print options do not include the size or style of print I am looking for. Do you offer other styles or products?

I have tried to include the most common and interesting print sizes, styles, and products to fit most peoples' needs. However, you may be looking for a size, format, or product that isn't currently shown. Please contact me directly at the "Contact" link on my homepage to discuss your needs and other available print options.

Some of your photographs do not have ordering options. Why?

My website serves not only as an outlet for my photographic work, but as a portfolio as well. In cases where ordering options are not provided, I simply do not have permission of the person or subject matter to sell the image or the image contains other works (usually art) that have copyrights held by others.